Trim Design & Installation
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Sandy Springs Custom Carpentry offers a variety of trim design and installation services. We can provide a trim install that will transform any room in your home, or we can provide install to any new home construction. Trim will provide a finished look to your home. Functionally, trim can hide seems between your walls, ceilings, and floors. Our trim design and installation services can provide you a cost-effective way to remodel your home. We use the highest quality materials during trim install. Your home will be transformed after a trim install by Sandy Springs Custom Carpentry.

Window and Door Trim

There are many types of trim and each has its own features and benefits. Window and door trim are some of the most common trim in almost every home. Trim will frame the interior space of your doors and windows. It sharpens the look in your home and covers exposed edges of doors and windows. We can transform a room with new window and door trim. Your home may have a vintage or classic style trim currently. We can liven up a room with a modern, sleek window and door trim.


Baseboards run along the bottom of your walls and meet your flooring. Baseboards fuse the wall and floor together to make it appear seamless. We offer a variety of styles of baseboards that will fit your style. We can provide you with a baseboard solution that will meet your needs, style, and budget. Our team has years of experience installing baseboards in homes. We can provide a trim design solution for your room that will match baseboards, door trim, and crown molding. We also offer repair options for your current baseboards if they are damaged.

Crown Molding

Crown molding runs along the top of your walls and meets the ceiling. It is designed to cover up drywall. It provides a visual aesthetic that can be altered. Crown molding can hide irregularities in your home’s walls or ceiling. Crown molding helps add an elegant touch to a room. Your rooms will be visually appealing after a crown molding install. Sandy Springs Custom Carpentry offers a variety of styles for crown molding. We can match your home’s current aesthetic or drastically change it with new crown molding.

Trim Repair Services

If you have damage to any of the current trim in your home, Sandy Springs Custom Carpentry can provide a cost-effective solution to your problem. We offer repair services that can replace damaged window trim, door trim, baseboards, and crown molding. We are experts at repairing cracks and tears in any molding, Our installers can repair any type of damage. Do you have water damage to your trim? Feel free to contact us today to resolve any type of damage. Our installers and contractors are available for any of your repair needs.