Custom Closets
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A custom closet is a system of storage options that is installed into a current closet. It can include a variety of options including rods, shelves, drawers, and baskets. The design of a custom closet will utilize more of a closet’s space. You will be able to store more in the same space. Our custom closets are designed to fit and function in your current closet space. They are custom made to fit your home. We offer a variety of materials and options that will fit your needs.  Our design team is available today for a free consultation. Feel free to contact Sandy Springs Custom Carpentry today to discuss your custom closet needs.

Custom Closet Benefits

Do you have too much clutter in your home? If you’ve struggled to organize your home, you should consider a custom closet solution. A custom closet is designed to match your needs and your home. Conventional closets don’t use all the space available. Our closets will add shelves and cabinets that utilize the space from the ceiling to the floor in your closet. We can meet your unique storage needs with a custom closet. Your closet will be able to hold more items after a custom closet install. Our custom closets will help you organize your home. Give our team a call today to discuss our closet services.

Walk-In and Reach-In Closets

We are experts at closet design. We can help you create storage solutions out of any walk-in or reach-in closet. Your walk-in closet can be transformed from a simple storage space to a room that you can dress in. We can provide storage on each wall of your walk-in closet that will create an easy way to stay organized. Do you have a reach-in closet? We can provide a storage solution for your reach-in closet as well. Our contractors can add shelves and drawers that will meet your storage needs.

Closet Design 

We start the design process by learning our client’s goals. Our designers will listen to your ideas, needs, and goals. We can then suggest a design to start with. We can help you decide on shelves, drawers, rods, shoe racks, lighting, and more. We will also find the right aesthetic look to match your ideas. During the design process we will agree upon materials and hardware that match your style and needs. All our choices are designed to fit your style, your home’s décor, and your budget. Once the design is complete, we can then construct and install your new closet.

Closet Install

Our contractors have years of experience installing custom closets. We have in-house manufacturing of our closets and will convert your design into a fully functional closet. Once constructed our installers will get to work installing your new custom closet. We work with existing homes and new constructions. During a new construction our designers, installers, and contractors will work closely with your other contractors to ensure your custom closets match your new home perfectly. Our installers strive to provide the highest quality service during install.